Australians Let Us BBQ

© Greg Champion
(Warner/Chappell Music Australia)

Australians let us bbq
for xmas time is here
a time to stop and rest a bit
and psyche up for new year
on patterned plastic tablecloth
we’ll eat our pudding up
and drink a christmas cordial
in polystyrene cup

Australians let us bbq
for xmas time is come
a time we sing that silly song
pa ruppa pum pum pum
we’ll fa la la and ho ho ho
and all that xmas stuff
and crack a gag with pop and gran
and chuckle our heads off

Australians let us go for broke
in backyards great and small
with outdoor chairs and plastic forks
with cricket bat and ball
we’ll pass the salad dressing round
we’ll eat potato chips
and compliment the hostess on a
great french onion dip

with sausages and coleslaw too
then let us bbq