Love In The Heart

From the album Shady Tree

© Greg Champion

Things have brought us together as one
Things have also forced us apart
‘Though our shadows, be many or none
May we step forth with Love In The Heart

We have wandered too far from the home
Found ourselves with no compass or chart
Into wild lands, unguarded we roam
May we walk on With Love In The Heart

In my dealings with one and with all
Each encounter, ‘though so high the wall
May I manage to nurture the art
Of living with Love In The Heart

‘Though I fall short in so many ways
‘Though I knowingly, take the wrong way
If I lose sight of how to return
With Love In The Heart may I learn

I have wounded, with words been too free
Faced with anger, I spoke carelessly
Troubled words too, have come back to me
May we move on with Love In The Heart