All The Fun Ones


Released 7.8.15 Greg’s ALL THE FUN ONES is a collection of 26 humour songs taken from: 1990-2015 – with 11 fresh tracks, including Chanson Frogoire [updated], Google Myself, That’s Daggy, and Last Jellybean in the Jar. To purchase a copy visit the store

crickets on the radio

Just out 3/’15: CRICKET’S ON THE RADIO E.P.

CRICKET’S ON THE RADIO  E.P. 3 rocking new cricket songs, + 6 new chants. $14 inc. post. Cricket’s on the Radio, You’re Going Home in the back of a Divvy Van & Go Go Ewes Kiwis all re-recorded, plus 6 anti-Pommy crowd chants. Click here for the E.P. track list..More

Aussie Christmas Cover - newsmal

Aussie Christmas with Bucko & Champs

This is the ‘Bonus Bumper’ Edition with Two CDs for the price of a single CD: $25, inc. post This one has I.P. written all over it : *Ideal Present* To order visit Champs’ Store or click  here

A Whole Different Story

A Whole Different Story

GREG CHAMPION has A Whole Different Story to tell on his 25th album. And A Whole Different Story is as Country as any album Greg has made – since his first in 1990. Along the way, he’s made Christmas albums with Colin Buchanan and around a dozen cricket and footy..More

Greg Champion and The Coodabeens Vol II - 30 Years of Footy Songs

FOOTY CD: Volume II – 30 Year of Footy Songs

VIEW THE FULL TRACK LIST…below. A selection of footy songs by Greg Champion and the Coodabeen Champions. Volume II of the VERY BEST OF collection contains 34 Therapeutic Thought-Provoking singalongs, taken from thirty years of footy CD releases. $25 inc. post. Click here to purchase your copy. For more information email ..More

Greg Champion the Coodabeens 30 Years of Footy Songs

Available: 30 Years of Footy Songs

It’s here: The true VERY BEST OF collection, a two CD package spanning three decades of Coodabeens footy songs. 62 Spinetingling Superlative Singalongs features 33 new recordings on Vol I, and 29 existing recordings on Vol 2, taken from thirty years of footy CD releases. $25 inc. post. Click here to..More

The Coodabeen 80s Footy Set

Top Coodabeens 80s Footy Cassettes on CD

AT LAST ! THE TOP COODABEENS FOOTY CASSETTES FROM THE 80s RE-RELEASED & REMASTERED ON CD: In The Superbox On The Bench &, The Double White Original covers and track list; songs interspersed with Footy Talkback. CDs available in a set of 3 for $48 (incl. postage within Australia), or..More