Here we’ve tried to take the worst lines from each club song, and blend them into one song
[tune: bound for botany bay]

we’re the admiration of a nation
we’re respected by our foes
we hit ‘em real high and we hit ‘em low
and we give ‘em the old heave-ho

though they send us up we’ll keep our end up
we’re riding the bumps with a grin
if we are behind well, we never mind
‘cos we’re risking our head and our shin

oh – just for rec-er-eation’s sake
to pass the time of day
we play the game as it should be played
at home or far away

oh – what though the odds they be great or small
we strike down the thunder from the sky
should auld acquaintance be forgot
from dawn to dark, our banners fly high

we won’t stop stop stop stop till we’re top top top
‘cos teamwork is the thing that talks
we have lots of fun, we have heaps of fun
and the premiership is a cakewalk