‘Cos We’re Old Friends

© Copyright Greg Champion

if you ask me to come over
and help you move some furniture
or talk about something on your mind
I’ll be there ‘cos I wanna do it
wanna do it ‘cos we’re old friends

you and I have been through a whole lot together
and at every turn you were so kind
not much about each other we don’t know
perhaps it’s ‘cos we’re old friends

things don’t always go according to plan
In fact they rarely do
when I needed someone to call on
I could always count on you

we don’t always see eye to eye, but
all too often we do
and it’s always fun to see you again
I guess it’s ‘cos we’re old friends

send me a postcard from the Greek Islands
glowin’ ’bout your holiday
I’d do the same for you and try to
tease you in the nicest way

there’s been friends I’ve known
who’ve left me wondering
where did those friendships go?
I don’t like to lose ’em but I won’t lose you
I love you ‘cos we’re old friends