Tune: The River [Springsteen] Words: Alf Davies-John Ogge-Greg Champion

I come from down Corio
Where mister when you’re young
They bring you up to think you’ll be
Another Neville Bruns
I grew up with the Nankervis boys
In the back streets of Anakie
And there hasn’t been a lot to cheer about
Since 1963

We’d go down to Kardinia
And cheer our side with pride
When the Nankervis boys would kick it wi-i-de

We lost in ’67
And we took it pretty hard
But for my 19th birthday
I got a Michael Turner Scanlan’s footy card
I took it to school and swapped it
For a Scratcher Neal card, but then
Someone beat me up and flogged it
And I never got it back again

We’d go down to Kardinia
With a thermos of Mum’s best soup
Oh, and cheer for the blue and white hoops.

we got into a few Grand Finals
in those dark and cruel nineties
but lately there ain’t been much success
on account of the conspiracy
the draw is stacked against us
we always play the stronger teams
and the AFL makes sure we don’t
get on the TV

But I’ve seen Gary Malarkey and Bobby Dav-us
I saw Sidey waving at the Waverley bus
And at nights in Norlane I lie awake
And replay all the marks I saw Ablett take
Now those memories come back to haunt me
They haunt me like a curse
Missing out on those Grand Finals, and now
Well, things couldn’t get much worse

And we’d go down to Kardinia
And through the old-fashioned turnstiles
Oh and after, get sloshed at the Lord of the Isles