© Greg Champion
(Warner/Chappell Music Australia)

This version from the album Stand Back Australia

Run run run run jog jog jog
there’s one born every minute
well I’m not convinced about
all this life be in it
whenever I feel run down
when I get tired and cranky
I find I cheer up best
with a spot of hanky panky

Hanky panky, when you’re feeling cranky
don’t be grumpy,
just stop and smile, relax a while
and try some rumpy pumpy

Now Delilah took to Samson’s hair
and cut it with a knife
sounds like they must’ve had a
tempestuous love life
When Cleopatra wanted Mark
Anthony’s reaction
it seemed she often opted for
the horizontal action

Hiking, camping, outdoor sports
all that stuff’s too risky
studies show, most of the time
everyone feels frisky
I know I shoud try to be
pure devout and holy
but now and then, it’s good to squeeze in
a spot of roly poly