May Your Fridge Be Full Of Coldies

© Greg Champion
(Warner/Chappel Music Australia)

This version first released on the album Stand Back Australia

May your sheep have full bellies and pastures to graze
may you get on well with the oldies
may the mossies be few and the flies far between
may your fridge be full of coldies

I wish you good cheer at Christmas and New Year
and holidays when you need ’em
I wish you children comin’ out of your ears
and something in the cupboard to feed ’em
and if you must roam far away from your home
I hope then the sun shines on you
and I pray as you go that the people you meet
shower many good things upon you

May your chooks be contented and wear a big smile
may your days be free of foreboding
may your wages be many and your pay packets full
with seventeen and a half per cent loading
may your fields be fertile and flowing with wheat
especially if you’re a wheat farmer
may you be a good fella to the people you meet
and in winter may you have warm pyjamas