[to the tune of Viva Las Vegas]

Words: Greg Champion

bright lights, action, and we’re ready to roll
it’s the Pies at colonial
Eddie’s up in the box and we’re ready for
Friday night football
The Pie fans eat meat pies and sauce
The flag’s in the bag, they’ve got the force
They’ve got their secret weapon of course
Neon Leon Davis, Neon Leon Davis

someone else is lurking in the shadows but
soon his light’s gonna shine
he comes off the bench with immediate
impact every time
he’s starting to live up to the hype
a future legend of the black and white
a go forward, go back, mid-field type
Rupert Betheras, Rupert Betheras

Go Neon Leon and go Chrissy Tarrant
And Ryan Lonie’s so cute
And add Mark McGough and Damien Adkins
And throw in Heath Scotland to boot

but good as all those players are
who wear that jumper with pride
there’s only one Pie with a heart like a piecart
who basically carries the side
he don’t bother drifting into attack
even more gifted than Alan Didak
carrying the Magpies on his back
Presti-giacomo, Presti-giacomo