greg champion

oh white line, white line be my friend
take me to my journey’s end
there’s miles to go before I see the lights of my hometown
gotta get home to my little one safe and sound
before I left, the other night she said
why don’t you stay home with me instead
I told her ‘bout how people have to go and earn their pay
and she said, well just come home straight away
And there’s a tiny face been waiting just to see me
And it’s different knowing somebody needs me
Somebody needs me
when I get home into her room I’ll creep
and gaze upon and angel as she sleeps
these midnight miles I ride don’t seem important any more
I never felt so depended on before
And I just wish this rain would wash away
and ease my aching eyes of all this strain
And the thing that drives me on to wanna keep on drivin’ on
Is the thought of being by her side again