The Shores Of Old Freo

[the banks of the Ohio]
these words: greg champion-jane harris

with Peter Bell I took a walk
just to have a little talk
Matty Pavlich said “can I go?”
Down by the shores of old Freo

We met Jeff Farmer and Paul Medhurst too
They were not looking for a blue
There on the pier we talked with them
Then we decided to push them in

We walked to Shaun McManus’s house
And there he was, with Clive Waterhouse
They said ‘we’ll come for a walk with you”
And there on the pier, we pushed them in too

Then Byron Schammer and Troy Longmuir
And Des Headland all did appear
And so we pushed them in also
Down by the shores of old Freo

Then Robert Hadrill and Paul Hasleby
And Luke McPharlin all greeted me
They said “hello” I said “in ya go”
Down by the shores of old Freo