There Is A Mob Up Punt Road

[house of the rising sun]
these words: peter treseder-greg champion

there is a mob from up Punt Road
whose name is Rich-a-mond
and they’ve been in ruins for many long years
and this is another one
the season started sadly
lost their opening three
had eight wins by round thirteen
then bombed out dreadfully
the ever loyal Tiger fans
they somehow keep the faith
although they know once more they’ll go
one spot lower than eighth
another team now comes to mind
who in finals will not play
no-one’s naming names here, but
I’m pointing to Corio Bay
their team looks good on paper
their finances are sound
their talent equals potential ev-
-rywhere but on the ground
it’s sad to miss the finals
it’s sad to always lose
but there’s always teams like the Navy Blues
who are worser off than youse