© Copyright Greg Champion

it’s been a hard hot summer boys
it was tough and it was tiring
there were times when it was too hot to go on
but we stuck it out, and now the job is done

So we’ll pass the jug around
And we’ll toast our health together
And then it’s on to Waukaringa we must go

now the cook’s a cheery soul
though she gets a trifle cranky
and the boss’s wife, she bosses us real well
but when the weekend comes, it’s the Nowhere Else Hotel

well we make a likely lot
there’s the rouser and the ringer
and Ugly Mick’s the gun, or so he says
but bulldust is the thing that Mick does best

well the work’s all finished here
and we must not linger too long
there’s jobs at Waukaringa, so they tell
and the chance that I might meet a local girl