[swag upon my shoulder]
these words: peter sim-greg champion

when first I entered stockbroking
it wasn’t all it seemed
the chaps they all harassed me `bout
which was my football team

some said they went for brown & gold
but they were greatly teased
by far the great majority
said barrack for the Dees
with a patch upon both elbows
fine red wine in my hand
I went to watch the Demons
With friends in the Members Stand
With newspaper to spread on seats
And rug upon my knees
We’ll barrack till snow season
Then take off for a ski

we love our games against Geelong
though often we get hammered
yet nowadays so few of them
they actually went to Grammar

to be knocked off by Plebs who did
matric at State High School
it doesn’t sit too well with us
we who were born to rule