[sloop john B]
these words: john ogge-greg champion

we’re off to the MCG
that Grant Thomas and me
down Collins Street to Yarra Park we will roam
why must we play
the Demons away
well we get so towelled up, away from the Dome
so hoist up your Sainters flags
your thermoses and teabags
cheer for the Captain, whoever it is these days
we wanna go home
back to Disconnect Dome
well, we get so towelled up, away from the Dome
the full-forward he went mad
the worst game he ever had
the tribunal had to come and take him away
Brenty Guerra
His mind went to Mars
Yeah, we got so towelled up, down at York Park
Milney hardly got a kick
Nobody did but Nick
Soon us Sainters are gonna start eating our own
Let us go home
Back to Disconnect Dome
That Tassie trip’s the worst we’ve ever been on