© Copyright Greg Champion

there’s a boat waiting down there on the river
waiting on that river wide and slow
bound tomorrow for the Southern Ocean
on her long lazy journey she will go
and in the morning there’ll be mist upon the water
and it’ll clear to a fine winter’s day

and our time is nearly over
and I am lost for words again my friend
you’ve got your travelling clothes on
and nothing’s gonna hold you in the end
but you’ll always be a-welcome
if you’re ever back this way again

if you’re gonna feel this sad ’bout separation
it’s usually affairs of the heart
and I’m surprised, but I felt a little something
when I found out that we would have to part
but the sun still shines a new light in the morning
and I do detect the silent buds of spring

so roll on you mighty paddlesteamer
rolling ever further to the south
and you’ll stop where the river turns at Morgan
and then head down towards the Murray mouth
and you’re going for the romance of the journey
and you take the hearts of those you leave behind