Tune: Georgie Girl John Ogge-Greg Champion

hey there Barry Hall
swingin’ round the ground so fancy free
no-one else would know that there’s a
caring person somewhere – inside you

hey there Barry Hall
why do people mis-und-er-stand you?
Could it be your shaven hair
Or is it the tats you wear?

You’re always looking like you are just about to let fly
It’s time to be a Mr. Nice Guy ­ a little bit

hey there Barry Hall
why do they all stay well clear of you
could it be your aftershave, or is it your eyebrow ring?
You’re so threatening – be nice B/H

You kicked off at Moorabbin, but
Something happened down there
You went and cut off all of your hair ­ it suits you too

hey there Barry Hall
there’s another Barry you might be
a famous celebrity, the toast of old Sydney town
so play the ball,
come on B/H
wake up B/H
take the next step B/H..