One of Australia’s finest towns – that’s my feeling about Broken Hill. It was my fourth trip there, and I’d loved it every previous one, so I knew in advance it was gonna be a highlight of the year.
It’s the combination of being a frontier town, with its desert scenery [like Alice], which in turn supports a strong art community. Like Alice, you drive 5k from town and everywhere you look the scene is a painting waiting to be painted.
I was there to sing at the opening of a new pavilion at the racecourse. My company was Ange and my treasured 89 yr old Uncle Nev, a true Aussie legend. He just wanted to come, so he flew up from Adelaide with us, to my great delight, as I adore him.
We had the great fortune to stay in a done-up original miner’s cottage. What a piece of history.
Never seen a town that makes you want to stare at the buildings so much. There were 30,000 people there 100 years ago, so the town is bursting with old homes and civic buildings.
After doing the customary tour of Silverton, abandoned mining town of olden times, our other free day was spent on a pilgrimmage to sit On The Shores Of Lake Menindee. I liked that phrase so it’s now on the list as a potential song title. That was about the highlight of ther trip: sitting by that huge inland freshwater lake, with its Burke & Wills history etc.