© Greg Champion

I was bushwacked in the scrub back of Jacana
When I stopped and asked directions from a farmer
I said “how do I get to Arkarama?”
He said “no idea mate, this is Buckenyama”

In Buckenyama, Buckenyama
Where the folks all get around in their pyjamas
On their heads they all wear bunches of bananas
Down in Buck, down in Buck Buck Buckenyama

I was lost in the mountains of Iraqi
With a Scotsman, a Kiwi and a Paki
We walked halfway round the world to Nagasaki
But I never saw anything as wacky, as

There’s a bloke sits in the main street with a beanie
Who calls himself Houdini Agostini
He is known to be something of a queenie
And he’s often in a polka-dot bikini

Now the favourite girl in town was known as Suzie
She was known to all as Suzie Jacuzzi
She had a kiss that could make a man all woozy
And a punch that really was a doozy

Now the locals tend to act a little hoony
Then there’s others who are dead set raving loony
Everybody wears a moustache just like Boony
And a lot of them don’t mind a drinkaroonie

I’ve been trekking in the wilds of Ungarie
I’ve been charged by a herd of dromedaries
I have had to fight a drunken canary
But I’ve never seen anything as hairy, as