Flowerdale is one of those towns you may hear about a lot but never actually go there.
I for one, had never been there, until receiving an invitation to come and sing in the local hall.
Flowerdale is aronud 30K from Kinglake, and roughly the same from Whittlesea.
It’s set among beautiful forest, and not on any main road.
Sadly it’s on the map now for all the wrong reasons: it was partially wiped out on Black Saturday.
The town lost eight people.
Meeting the locals was a true delight.  The Primary School choir performed to start the evening.
Flowerdale certainly has its share of colourful characters, and i was a little amazed at the affection expressed for the Coodabeens, and at one fella who likes certain obscure songs
of mine that I hadn’t thought of for years.