[Traditional owners: Bruce Woodley-Dobe Newton] These words: Greg Champion

We’re scrappers and we’re yappers
We frequent the Plough hotel
We’re Braybrook and we’re Sunshine
Perhaps St. Albans as well
To us, even Moonee Ponds
Is a little too trendy
We are the mighty Footscray dynasty

we may be in the north-west
but we’re neither rough nor crude
in fact we have a rather
eastern suburbs attitude
unlike our western neighbour
we’re powerful rich and strong
we could only be mighty Essendon

we sail the good ship shinbone
we’re marginalized at best
our suburb of north melbourne
doesn’t really exist
it’s just a bunch of factories
and heavy industry
we are the Kanga-roos of Arden street

we are the eastern suburbs
we’re somewhat private school
where terms like family and sausage
sizzle are the rule
what other club could get away
with wearing brown and gold
we are the Hawkers of Glenferrie Road

off Hoddle Street up Johnson
is the world’s best football team
the existence of all others
annoys us in the extreme
if it wasn’t for us the League would be
a poorer thing by far
we don’t even have to tell you who we are