© Copyright Greg Champion

I won’t mind if your hair turns grey
if the bloom of youth ever fades away
I’m close to you as night to day
and I love you anyway

I won’t mind if we fuss or fight
to sort things out and get things right
sometimes these things have to be
and there’ll be no change in me

I would not promise things will stay
exactly as they are today
all that I can hope to do
is pledge my treasured love for you

your eyes are still the finest blue
your radiance comes shining through
it’s still a joy to gaze on you
and I love you anyway

if I give you flowers today
flowers bloom and fade away
but I’ll still have this flower that I’m
holding in this hand of mine

let the last leaf wither on the vine
let age decay this skin of mine
we’re all prey to the Hand Of Time
and I love you anyway

painter poet artist thief
those up high or those beneath
all searchin’ along the road
for love to lighten up their load