[it’s not that easy being green] stuart macarthur-champion

it’s not that easy being Ayres
having to get all that product in the hair
I’m sure he’d rather be Salman Rushdie, or Idi Amin
Or someone more popular like that


no, it’s not easy being Ayres
being chased by Michelangelo Rucci everywhere
and trying to find new ways of saying
that it’s all about moving forward
and striving for more consistency


But – at the end of the day
It is the END of the day
woh, and then nightime follows daytime,
and when that nightime ends
another day begins


no, it’s not easy being Ayres
wondering if anybody out there really cares
but, history will judge him kindly, at the end of the day
still, it’s a bit of a shame, just the same
yes, I think it’s just a bit of a shame