© Ruby Nixon, Greg Champion


He wandered down behind the chutes
Those chutes he knew so well
He knew each rider every bull
The stories they could tell
He saw again through misty eyes
Those rodeos of old
When Buddy held the title of
The bravest of the bold


He paused to rest his arms upon
The rails to watch them ride
And caught a sense of someone
Standing silent to his side
Something made him look to see
If anyone was there
And when he turned the face he saw
Gave his heart a scare


Les! Can this be Les, me mate
Gone for twenty years
Dead and buried all this time
How can you be here?
He tried to speak, but faltered
Overcome by his surprise
He searched to find the words
But only tears came to his eyes


Then it was that Les spoke up
His voice so calm and slow
“Don’t worry old mate, it’s only me
Just come to say hello
He touched Bud on the shoulder
And spoke about the times
The two of them were champion
Young riders in their prime


Les shared a few more words
Before he said “I must depart”
And he bid farewell his mate of old
A true friend of the heart
With one last reassuring nod
He faded and was gone
Leaving Bud to wipe his eyes
And turn to head for home

And when the rodeo’s in town
Old Bud goes down again
Wonderin’ if there’ll be another
Visit from his friend