[to the tune of Dancing In The Dark]

Words: Greg Champion

I’m deriving Northbourne Avenue
And there’s Botanical Gardens everywhere
I’m on my way through Civic
There’s a big game on and I gotta be there
I’m not talkin’ ’bout pollies
Not Labour v. Liberal or any of that
Talkin’ AFL here
Today Canberra hosts a big big match

See that metal spire
Top o’ Parliament House, well that’s so ho-hum
Crossin’ Lake Burley-Griffin
Look out Manuka Oval here I come

Around Capital Circle
Just ignore the sign to Kingston Shops
Exit at Canberra Avenue
Powerin’ on to Griffith and we’re not gonna stop
If you end up in Fyshwick
If you end up in Fyshwick you’ve gone too far
Take Captain Cook Crescent
And before you know it there you are

It’s nowhere near Woden
Or Downer or Dickson or Deakin, no way
It’s Manuka Oval
Kangaroos and Crowboys come to play

It’s not called Manooka
If you say Manooka you’d be wrong
Kangaroos and Crowboys
So come on baby, were going along