greg champion

if you look down on Barkly Street
you might see them on the beat
Luna Park, The Esplanade
Good enough for a postcard
Acland Street I knew her well
Bananas and The Village Belle
We’ll do the crawl down Chapel Street
Cruisin’ for a midnight eat
We’re just out doin’ the rounds
Toolin’ around in Melbourne Town
Carlisle Street for laundromats
Fitzroy Street for Space Invaders
The old rambling share house
Drop-in spot for freaks and sages
Cleopatra’s for falafels
Leo’s if you’re dining late
I bought a Guild Starfire down that street
Wish I still had it today
Warrigal Road someone said
Was officially where the world would end
Any further East than that
You are off the edge my friend
The Cosmo and The Prince Of Wales
The Espy with its seedy scene
Occasionally to venture out
to beer barns like the Village Green
I’ll take you ‘cross the river to
Those Brunswick and those Carlton parts
Come with me we’re gonna see
Andrew Pendlebury playin’ at Hearts
Through Collingwood and Richmond to
The Tiger Lounge we’ll ride tonight
But never did I live this way
Always stayed St Kilda side