Since 1990, Champs’ consistent creative spirit and songwriting energy has led to a diverse and characteristic twenty-odd albums about Australiana, Australian Sports, Australian Country/Folk, comedy and Christmas themes.

Greg has become notorious for his humorous songs… titles such as May Your Fridge Be Full Of Coldies and Never Turn Right At Burke Road, Malvern.

His wacky Aussie Christmas CD with Colin Buchanan achieved platinum sales with such tunes as Australians Let us Barbecue and Deck The Shed With Bits Of Wattle. Under the moniker Bucko & Champs, their duets are sung at school and community Carol Nights across the nation.

The release of Champs’ Shady Tree album in 2002 under the brilliance of producer Rod McCormack, considered one of his finest albums, includes vocals from some of Australia’s best female talent including Beccy Cole, Jane Saunders, Gina Jeffreys and Jodi & Robyn Martin.

Other notable collaborations include the 1996 Don’t Call Wagga Wagga Wagga with Jim Haynes & Ted Egan and, on Strayana, Greg’s latest album released this year, the Don Bradman-themed song is performed in duet with Aussie icon Kamahl.


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