[yellow rose of texas]
these words: greg champion-peter sim

oh the Magpies all drive Lexus
Geelong boys all drive Fords
The Western Bulldogs get Metcards
That’s all they can afford
oh the Bombers have new mobiles
they’re very flash indeed
but if they’re up past two o’clock
they cop the wrath of Sheeds
Oh the Richmond lads are Tigers
They sing “eat ‘em alive”
But the T.A.C. gets cranky
When the boys blow point O five
oh the Hawthorn boys go clubbing
they party all the time
there’s more blond rinses at that club
than all the rest combined
oh the Crowboys are the glamour team
in two-team Adelaide
they’re always down McLaren Vale
drinking chardonnay
the Port boys drive Toranas
and Commodore VLs
you’ll find them at the Hard Hat Jackboot
Bib & Brace Hotel
and when those Magpie Lexuses
have been around too long
at Northland Shopping Centre
you can get one for a song