© Greg Champion
(Warner/Chappell Music Australia)

Well she’s only a dog, only a dog
Nothin’ real special just one of the mob
First in to work and last on the job
But she’s only a common old dog

Now Joyce had a Red Cloud Kelpie called Toots
Who was pregnant, but working the sheep
She was pushin’ a mob, when she hopped in the Jeep
Had a pup right there on the seat
She went back, worked the sheep
Then came back to the Jeep
Had two more pups then back on the job
When the work was all done, she had two more at home
You might say that’s a good workin’ dog, but!.

Now Patch worked with Arthur to bring up the cows
They would rise in the wee frosty hours
And one day the Boss saw a cow patch had missed
In the haze of the cold morning mist
He scolded old Patch, sayin’ “go get that cow!”
Patch looked puzzled, but went anyhow
It was the draughthorse he’d seen, and that’s what Patch brought back
With a look that said try and milk that!, but.

They were two days from Cloncurry drivin’ a mob
Just old Don and Whisky the dog
Don was thrown from his horse, got knocked out, and came to
Called for Whisky, but she had shot through
Now the only two blokes within fifty odd miles
Were six miles off, and that’s where she ran
She forced two total strangers to follow her back
Whisky saved the stricken stockman, but.

Well she’s only a dog, only a dog
Nothin’ real special just one of the mob
Not much to look at and well past her prime
But as good as two men every time, yes.