greg champion

we had the power to win, now we’re just giving in
oh yeah, we’re suffering depression
because since we won the Cup we’ve been living it up
that’s right, we love a celebration

since we went top top top we’ve just stopped stopped stopped
oh yeah, right now we’re just faking
the flag we won won won so let’s have fun fun fun
and the Spoon is there for the taking

the Media says we’re gone, and they could be spot on
they say, our problems could be spinal
and if we don’t want the Spoon we better wake up real soon
or else, we’re gonna miss the Finals

don’t mean to brag brag brag, we won the flag flag flag
oh yeah, we partied all the summer
we don’t see any reason, to knuckle down this season
oh no, we haven’t got the hunger

since we went top top top, we’re just a flop flop flop
we have, no mission or aggression
we want to cruise cruise cruise, happy to lose lose lose
forget Port Adelaide tradition