From the album Shady Tree

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Met a strange man
On an ancient road
Could not tell if he
Was young or old
He said “what I tell you
You’ll already know”
And he said “from the answer the question grows”

And there’s a new road through the woods
And I got only one pair of shoes
What’s that they say about
The rough with the smooth

I was wanderin’
One Summer’s day
Through a forest
When I lost my way
There I chanced to hear
A maiden sing
And she mourned for the passing of the Spring

Nothin’ comes easy
Or it doesn’t come at all
Nothin’ much good gets done
Without a back to the wall
Oh but happiness
I’m never gonna find
Until first I get peace in my mind

And there’s a little too much to lose
maybe neither will I choose
Gotta keep in mind about
The rough with the smooth