These words: Greg Champion

If you’re heading to that regional centre out west
Jack take my way, that’s the highway that’s the best
Big game today, down the Princes Highway

Well you roll out of the city, the Bay looks pretty
As you climb up the Westgate, don’t wanna be late
Past Altona, Gate Shopping Centre
Don’t be tempted to enter
Laverton, Point Cook, Werribee, there it goes
Don’t turn off into any of those

Would you get hip to this friendly tip
If you’re taking that Sleepy Hollow trip
Life’s so gay, on the Princes Highway

Well you’ve done Maltby bypass, past Old Geelong Road
Little River turnoff, now go man go
Point Wilson, where will it end?
Then those ridiculous You Yangs again
Lara, Avalon, the Ford factory is so long
Get me to Kardinia Park to see Geelong

Would you take heed of this kind advice
That Geelong road is very very nice
Life’s so gay on the Princes Highway