Authorised parody of Boys From The Bush (© Garth Porter -Lee Kernaghan); these lyrics © Greg Champion, Jane Saunders, Dave Saunders, Brent Parlane, Teresa Connelly

First released on the album The Custom CD

We been huggin’ trees
we been pattin’ sheep
we been learnin’ to cry
on weekend retreats
we been burnin’ incense
‘cos we like the smell
and we practise withdrawal
we don’t use the pill

We’re the Sensitive New Age Guys from the bush and we’re back in town
we do yoga when the sun goes down
we’re life members of the dish-washin’ club
we’re the SNAGS from the bush and we care for the scrub

we been bakin’ cakes
we been knittin’ socks
we’re polite to our wives
and we handwash our jocks
we been doin’ workshops
on creativity
we been gettin’ in touch with
our femininity

We been doin’ aerobics
we been tryin’ to lose fat
we been havin’ our mates around
for a cuppa and a chat
our bodies are temples
that we love and respect
and we’re into this latest thing
called sacred sex