greg champion-jane harris

we’re Shinboners and we’re alright
with the spirit of Schimma and Keka and Blight
we don’t back down we don’t pull out
we’re gonna run through you
that old Shinboner sprit – yeah
that’s what pulls us through

we’re Shinboners that’s what we are
we learnt our tricks at the abbatoir
we chop up teams we cut you off
we gut you with bare hands
we roll around in offal – yes
just because we can
[Tag: They roll around….]

we’re Shinboners of Arden Street
we’ll hack you up like a piece of meat
we’re not Toorak we’re Working Class
our suburb’s all rundown
you’ll find us out past Errol Street
at the daggy end of town
[Tag: you’ll find them out…]