oh how Sydney just loves the Swans
they just adore that aerial ping pong
the best thing to happen to Sydney by far
since the monorail and the Gay Mardi Gras

down at the Rocks and Wooloomooloo
they all discuss the Barry Hall news
and raise their glass of Tooheys high
and cheer cheer the red and white

in the cafes of Ryde and Rose Bay
they talk about Darryn Creswell all day
everybody wears Swans regalia
in the most exciting town in Australia

be it Dee Why or be it Crows Nest
they all agree the Swans are the best
from Darlinghurst down to Kings Cross
they’re hoping to catch a glimpse of Wayne Schwass

cheer cheer the Swans of Sydney
they’ve got the town in a footy frenzy
and they’ll party till the Centre Point Tower comes down
when the Swans bring the flag to town