© Greg Champion/Jim Haynes/Brent Parlane
(Warner/Chappel Music Australia)

First released on the album Stand Back Australia

I have drunk mountain water
from a cool crystal stream
and it left me oh so purified
wholesome, sober and clean
I have sampled many a fancy grog
of the finest quality
but this little cool drink I hold in my hand
tastes just about perfect to me, and I tell you

That is a beautiful beer, oh
that is a beautiful beer
I’ve had some beaut ones some rooty toot toot ones, but
that is a beautiful beer

And the light beers today taste terrific
as good as a heavy, I say
and I love the Tassie and Kiwi brews
and the wheat beers of W.A.
some will only drink green or red
others would tell them their mad
one thing about which they all agree
not one among them is bad, and I tell you

When it comes to merlot or pinot
friend I’m the wrong one to ask
I’m satisfied with a red or a white
out of a Coolibah cask

And I don’t go much on the spirits
I avoid the vodkas and gins
ah, but everything can be dangerous
and we’re all gonna die in the end, and I tell you

Chorus II
….I’ve had some top ones, some how-do-I-stop ones….

Chorus III
….I’ve had some ace ones, some right in your face ones….

Chorus IV
….I’ve had some great booze, some absolute lulus, but….