[the orange and the green]
these words: john ogge-greg champion

oh it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever known
me father is a Power man me mother she’s a Crow

oh my Daddy is blue collar
from Ethelton came he
my mother she’s from Netherby
she went to MLC
it was at the Ramsgate Hotel
they wed, and honeymooned
but since Port joined the AFL
they sleep in separate rooms
so when first the Crows were born
my mother fell for Nigel Smart
Scotty Hodges, David Marshall
Cute young Benny Hart
While Dad fed me yarns of his
beloved black and white
and raved about his heroes
David Grainger and Bruce Light
now, when I was young my mum said
“if you know what’s good for you
you’ll be a nice young Crow and dress in
red and gold and blue”
but me Dad had other plans, and soon as
Mum was out of sight
He’d dress me in the prison stripes
of Magpie black and white
Then one day at Football Park it was
Showdown X One Vee
I was there with Mum & Dad when things
Began to turn ugly
Pretty soon it fired up
A Ramsgate-style melee
And me bein’ strictly neutral
Everybody belted me