[to the tune of father and son]

John Ogge/Greg Champion

things look good things look great
we might make the final eight
but then what if we play
all our finals interstate?
it’s a sham, a travesty
it’s a League conspiracy
if we find all our finals at the MCG
— they’re at the MCG
it’s a plot to keep us down
to prevent us being successful
and it’s all on account
of that Steve Bracks
it’s no level playing field
it’s all still run from Melbourne
seems the League and the MCC have a contract
— they have a contract
They see economic gloom
They won’t fill their hotel rooms
Think I’ll speak to my
local politician
I’ll ask the G.G., or P.M.
I will ask the Ombudsman
I won’t rest till there’s finals, at AAMI stadium
At AAMI stadium