greg champion

conductor blow your whistle
let the doors be closed
I’m waiting for this train to leave this
Platform and go

I’m keen to leave this town behind
And soon I will be gone
Everything I own is now on
This train I’m on

If you ask I do not know
Where I’m headed for
Just take me North to Alice or
Across the Nullabor
This train I’m on is taking me
To place I have yet to see
Don’t even need to know
Where this train goes
it’s gonna take me through some tunnels
and out into the light
this train is gonna guide me through
the long dark night
easing me to sleep
rocking me awake
as far as it goes and
as long as it takes
And the rhythm of the engine and
The rumbling of the wheels
Will help me take my mind off
This lonely way I fell
so heave ho, and row
let your wild winds blow
get this train a-rollin’, there’s
a long way to go