© Greg Champion
(Warner/Chappel Music Australia)

This version first released on the album That’s What I Like About Football Vol.II

Well the Crows said you’re out
cos ya didn’t turn up to training
and he said “well I had a sore neck,
and besides it was raining”
and they said “well you’re out for a week,
and it’s no use complaining”
and he said “fine fine fine,
cos I’m goin’ surfing anyway!”

So he headed for Victor Harbour
and there he did linger
while he checked out the swell
from Port Elliot to Waitpinga
and he surfed every break
from Moama to Aldinga
and the Crows played the Swans Swans Swans
and the Swans beat ’em anyway!

Tony Modra’s gone surfing
Victor Harbour way
big Tony’s gone surfing
South coast S.A.

Then he said “now you’re playing Geelong
won’t you reinstate me now”
thinkin’ “if I go bad, I can
pop down to Anglesea now,
and with the board and the wetsuit I could
grab a few waves at Torquay now”
and the Crows got done done done
so he should’ve surfed anyway!

Tony Modra’s gone surfing
South Coast S.A.
big Tony’s gone surfing
he’ll be back one day!