From the album Shady Treet

© Greg Champion

When I get to doubtin’ that I’m doin’ what I should
I’m spendin’ more time thinkin’ what I would do if I could
When I finally realize, when I know it’s time
I hope I have the courage to walk across that line

There’s a time for sittin’ ion the sun and a time for pushin’ on
And there’s no second chances, looking from beyond
I think I see it comin’ and there’s no place I can hide
I’m gonna have to stand up and walk across that line

Across that line
With my head held high
There’s a time for talkin’
and a time to walk across that line

Time has not stood still for me but that’s as it should be
Whatever time I have I need to use it carefully
I’ll be on the lookout I’ll be waiting for a sign
Someone will be callin’ me to walk across that line