© Greg Champion/Brian Nankervis
(Warner/Chappel Music Australia)

First released on the album The Custom CD

Leaving the cap right off the toothpaste
leaving the flywire door wide open
leaving the lights on when you’re not using that room
you can get in trouble for that

Buying an Olivia Newton-John record
crossing at the lights when the little man is flashing
pplaying kick to kick at the tram stop
you can get in terouble for that

You can get arrested for that, oh no you can
you can get arrested for that, and so you should
you can get a- you can get a-

Sleeping in till ten in the morning
losing your socks on a visit to the laundry
breaknig into people’s houses and robbing their stuff

And there’s nothing that I have to do
nowhere I have to go
so roll that wicket, I’ve got cricket
on my radio