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Songs on the Greg ChampionCoodabeen Champions Footy Songs 98 -07

A Patch Upon Both Elbows The Power & The Crow
Brisbane Club Song The Shores Of Old Freo
Club Songs Combined There Is A Mob Up Punt Road
In South Australia I Was Born We Are Geelong
Matty Lloyd Throws Grass In The Air We’ve Won The Wooden Spoon
Oh, The Port Boys Drive Toranas Yeah Nah Yeah, Yeah Nah Yeah

Songs on the Greg Champion Coodabeen Champions Footy Songs 98 -07

Bad Team Comin They Whinge Away
Boring Rotten Place You Can’t Call Australia Home
Convicts You Eat Fish & Chips…
It’s A Long Day

Tampering With The Ball lyrics here

Lyrics for 10 songs from The Shack Tapes

Come This Far Somebody Needs Me
Keep The Kettle Boiling II Stratford To Yarram
Melbourne Town This Train I’m On
Out To Winchelsea Undying Flower
Satisfied Walk Alongside Of You

Lyrics for songs from the album, North & South
(in order as on the album)

Too Many Bridges Think Of Me
Isn’t That Something Another Day Another Town
Banks Of The Condamine Dunno How To Live That Clean
Back This Way Again Under An Australian Sun
Waukaringa Cos We’re Old Friends
Love You Anyway Not Dead And Not In Jail
He’s A Big Man

Alphabetical listings

88 K From Alice Other Side Of The River
Australians Let Us BBQ Rise Up
Can’t Be Stuffed Rough With The Smooth
Cooee Motel See You Again Sometime
Cricket’s On The Radio Sensitive New Age Guys From The Bush
Don’t Call Wagga Wagga Wagga Shady Tree
Further Up The Mountain Sleep On The Stony Ground
Hanky Panky Slow And Mournful
The Holly And The Ivy Someday You’ll Be A Champion
Hope The Crocs Don’t Get Ya (If I Could Just) Still My Mind
I’ve Never Been That Is A Beautiful Beer
I Love Line-dancin’, But Line-dancers Freak Me Out The French Song
I Made A Hundred In The Back Yard At Mum’s The Roof
I Made A Hundred In The Back Yard At Mum’s
Match Fixing Version
The Singing Bird
Kickin’ & Screamin’ (Down The Aisle) This Body’s Gonna Wear Out
Love In The Heart Walk Across The Line
May Your Fridge Be Full Of Coldies When I Kick The Bucket
Merry Christmas Everywhere Where Do You Go To My Little Spunkrat
Might Be Jesus Knockin You Can Get Arrested For That
One More Beer And Then We Go To Amsterdam
Only A Dog

Footy (AFL) parodies, as sung by Champs on
‘The Coodabeen Champions’, ABC radio

A Lotta People Care About Richmond Port Club Song Revised
Can You Barrack For The Pies Ramsgate Hotel Incident
Carlton Came Last (Route 66) Princes Highway
Club Song Clangers Size Of The Fight In The Dog
Club Song Conglomeration Spiro Malakellis (1992)
Couldn’t Go For Collingwood Swans Club Song
Dermott Brereton Is A Hood Telstra Dome Queue
Down To Kardinia That’s The Thing About Football
I Am, You Are Tony Modra’s Gone Surfing
If Riewoldt Don’t Get Ya Unacceptable
It’s A Draw [Walk On The Wild Side] Walk On The Blues Side
It’s A Long Way To Geelong What The Crows Need Now
Members Of The MCC When The Whistle Blows
Manuka Oval
Orange & The Green